Pro Ecclesia Sancta-Catholic AdvanceMovement

Valley of the Sacred Heart Academy is under the direction and guidance of Pro Ecclesia Sancta and the Catholic Advance Movement. Lay and religious members come together to serve families and children.

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Pro Ecclesia Sancta, spiritual family and soldiers for Christ, was founded in Peru on June 29th, 1992, the Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, and 500 years after the first evangelization of America. Our objective is to promote the vocation to holiness and perfection, in order to contribute to the renewal, strengthening, and expansion of the Catholic Church so that Christ may reign, so that His heart may reign ad Maximam Trinitatis Gloriam – for the greatest glory of the Trinity.

Father Menor, our founder, was born in Villena, in the province of Alicante, Spain, on August 11th, 1899. At 18, with fervent conviction, he entered the Jesuit Order. Already an ordained priest, in 1931 he settled in Peru, where he began working intensely to spread the kingdom of God.

Father Menor had an all-consuming desire for holiness: with all his soul, with all his strength, and with all his being he loved Jesus Christ, with whom he lived always united in prayer and whom he encountered daily in the Eucharist.

It has been the strength of the spirit of Fr. Menor that has been drawing many young people, adults, and children to Pro Ecclesia Sancta — all with the desire to be holy so that Christ may reign, so that his Heart may reign for the greatest glory of the Most Holy Trinity.

In recent years the apostolate has been growing intensely, most of all by means of the Pro Ecclesia Sancta Movement, with its diverse conversion programs, the parishes that we have assumed, the chaplaincies in schools and universities, and missions.

The Pro Ecclesia Sancta Movement was our first pastoral initiative. It has now spread to several parts of Peru, Spain, Ecuador, and the United States of America. There is still much to discover on the horizon. God never ceases to amaze us year after year. We are just beginning this journey. We want to be available for every task, no matter how arduous, that the Heart of Jesus, through our shepherds, wants to entrust to us. Our perspective will always be “non suficit mundus”: the whole world is not enough when we love God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all the strength of our person, and our neighbor as Christ loved him. This is how we must remain until the end: Ad Maximam!

Catholic Advance Movement

Catholic Advance Movement is the secular Movement (lay people) from Pro Ecclesia Sancta. It is the primary means through which Pro Ecclesia Sancta carries out its ministry and mission. It is the “apple of his eye,” the object of its care. Therefore, the consecrated men and women are bound to serve the youth and families that make up the movement and with them, like one grand family and Militia, serve the Church and the world.

The purpose of the Movement is for the Glory of the Holy Trinity through our personal sanctification and that of our neighbor and through the dedicated and faithful fulfillment of our respective tasks and responsibilities. This is a new concept of holiness, upheld by an interior life program: the Seven Basic Points, legacy of our Founder, Father Pablo Menor, SI.