Level 3

Ages 9 – 12

As the child moves through childhood and towards adolescence, he remains highly sensitive to history and culture and still experiences a deep need for justice. Learning and working in community are particularly important to this child. He begins to think more abstractly. The child wonders what his place is in the world and looks to role models to guide him.

The Level 3 Atrium meets these sensitivities in various ways. Now the child looks to his Good Shepherd as a model for his own life and choices. Moral formation develops further through the addition of more New Testament maxims of Jesus. Now the child reads and works with parables that show how to live out the specific moral virtues of God’s Kingdom.

In-depth work with the Old Testament is a new element in the Level 3 Atrium. This work is accomplished through typology: where in the Old Testament does it point to the New, and how does the New Testament shine light on the Old? The child reads and reflects on Old Testament Scripture through the lens of Redemption and the fulfillment of God’s Kingdom at the end of time.

The child’s liturgical life in the church is enriched through working extensively with the Mass and each of the sacraments.

Also, the child looks at how the Plan of God has unfolded throughout history with a particular focus on the history of the Jewish People. She begins to contemplate what her role is in this history, which plants the seeds for vocation discernment. She begins to wonder how she can lay down her own life in imitation of the Good Shepherd whom she loves.