Level 2

Ages 6 – 9

During these years, the child develops reasoning skills, a sense of justice, and a thirst for culture. She wonders how the world came to be and what the rules are for living in it. Maria Montessori called this the “age of rudeness.” A child has no qualms about sharing her thoughts and opinions about others and the world because she is enlivened by the intellectual capability through which her mind has produced these thoughts.

The Level 2 Atrium reflects and hones these new capabilities. As the child deepens her relationship with the Good Shepherd, she takes delight in hearing from Him how He wants her to treat the other sheep of His flock. Moral formation through the New Testament maxims of Jesus begins at this level. Now the child reads and works with parables that show how to live in God’s Kingdom. She also works with the history of that Kingdom.

Handwork such as embroidery and calligraphy now fills the space of the Level 1 Practical Life works.

The child enters more deeply into the liturgical life of the church through the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist after an intense and prayerful period of preparation.

There is a spiral expansion of the Level 1 Scriptures and hands-on materials through the addition of cultural and historical details. Additionally, the child begins to synthesize key Scriptures, such as looking for common themes that unite all of the Level 1 Messianic Prophecies.