Level 1

Ages 3 – 6

During these tender years, the child is characterized by a deep sense of wonder and awe. Have you ever taken a nature walk with a child this age? He notices every little insect, the rainbow in the sheen of oil on the ground, a plane flying overhead — and he stops to study each one intently. He revels in these gifts of his environment.

The Level 1 Atrium reflects this wonder and awe of the child, his ability to joyfully receive and delight in the Gift. At this level, the child listens to and works with parables that show the beauty and value of God’s Kingdom.

Through Practical Life exercises, he learns control of movement and how to quiet his body.

Through the model altar and other nomenclature materials, he is drawn into the liturgical life of the church.

Through hands-on materials for each Scripture he hears, he can return again and again to key Bible passages to continue listening for the voice of His Shepherd.